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The Athletic Placement Process (APP) is a program for evaluating a student who is physically and emotionally prepared to participate on an athletic team that is outside of his/her grade placement. There is great diversity among student athletes throughout the State of New York. The APP is designed to assess a student’s physical and emotional maturation, physical fitness and sport skill so that a student may be placed at a level of competition that should result in increased opportunity, a fairer competitive environment, minimized risk and greater personal satisfaction. Safety must be of paramount importance.

The APP is to be used only when an individual athlete’s athletic skills warrant participation on an athletic team that is outside of his/her grade placement, and therefore, ideally, it should be initiated by the district’s Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics, a member of the physical education staff or a coach who recognize the student’s skill. Students will not be processed through the evaluation procedures without a request from the Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics and parent/guardian written permission. It is not the intent to evaluate all modified students, and evaluation should be considered only for those students with the appropriate physical and emotional readiness and whose athletic abilities are outside of those of their age-related peers.

Parents are cautioned that even though a student may be physically ready it does not mean that he/she is emotionally or socially ready to handle the normal stress of competition or have the ability to mix with older students. While coaches set the stage for assimilation of younger students into the team structure, the younger students must feel comfortable within this environment. Should this not be a natural adjustment it is recommended that the student remain at the modified level. The decision must be made within the first three days of the tryout as required by State modified rules.

A Parent/Guardian Permission form is required to initiate the APP. Both parents and students are asked to read through the APP in its entirety prior to submitting the Parent/Guardian Permission Form. 

* The APP is attached below in its entirety.

The Process
1. The Varsity Coach recommends an exceptional modified student (Appendix D: Coaches Sport Skill Evaluation Form).
2. The Parents/Guardians sign the Parent/Guardian Permission Form (Appendix B) and return it to the Athletic Office.
3. The Student is evaluated by the District Medical Director (Appendix C: Physical Maturity Form).
4. The Student takes the Physical Fitness Test (Appendix E).

*The Student must pass four out of the five components.
** There will be no re-testing for athletes that do not pass the Physical Fitness Test.

5. If the Student is approved by the District Medical Director and passes the Physical Fitness Test he/she is eligible to tryout.

Athletic Placement Process Timeline
Season Coaches Sport Skill Evaluation
Physical Fitness
Test Date
October 15, 2021 October 22, 2021
February 11, 2022 February 18, 2022
May 21, 2021 May 28, 2021

Athletic Placement Process PDF


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